The Case for Preparing an Elevator Speech

By Christine Clapp, President of Spoken with Authority Perhaps you’ve heard that you should have a minute long “elevator speech” ready in case you serendipitously hop on an elevator with a new client or strategic partner you’ve been trying to land. But if you’re like many professionals, you assume you’ll never encounter that sort of […]

6 Steps to Authentic Self Confidence for Women

By Dana Theus, President & CEO of InPower Consulting, Inc.             Why would anyone follow a leader with no self-confidence? They wouldn’t. Do women struggle with self-confidence more than men? Yes. Why then are we surprised when there aren’t as many female leaders as male leaders in our businesses and society? We shouldn’t be. Now, […]

Tell Me Not…

By Patricia A. (Patra) Frame The economy is going up – except when it is going down. Are we in for another recession, a depression, or a boom? The political campaigns are in the negative, all attack mode and making many people more fearful. But today came and you need to make a living, build your […]

The Secret to Finding the Time

By Sarah Robertson Sutton, MS, Certified transformation coach and personal trainer Sarah Robertson Sutton is the founder of the transformational coaching company, TRUCE, which is based on 5 steps for permanently shifting one’s thinking into new ways of acting. Her blog,, provides gentle guiding insights.  Following is one of her blog entries: In my last blog about […]

Losing My Purse — And Enjoying What I Have Now

By Beth Sperber Richie, Licensed Psychologist CW member Beth Sperber Richie recently launched her own blog,, as a “resource for women with busy lives.” It’s designed to explore work/life balance.  Following is one of her recent postings: Last night I left my purse in a restaurant. This morning I retrieved it – with all its contents intact, including […]

Becoming the Limo Lady

By LaVonnia “Bonnie” Johnson Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is LaVonnia “Bonnie” Johnson. I’m the Limo Lady. Here’s my story: For 6 months, my son drove an ill friend of mine to the doctors every other day.  Of course, he had a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and a great driving record. She knew I […]